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Welcome to Kinesiology for Kids

If you are reading this page you have a child or teenager who is concerning you and Kinesiology for Kids can help.

Kinesiology is a wonderful tool. It is energy based healing and it is grounded in the body using muscle testing. Muscle testing is an effective and gentle way to access biofeedback from the body and it also allows the Practitioner to do individually tailored corrections for each client.

Kinesiology can assist in bringing relief to many areas of your child or teenager's life such as:

Kinder / Primary school settling
Learning / Retaining information
Attention / Concentration / Focus
Digestive / Sensitivity issues
Behavioural / Emotional / Social issues
Anxiety / Feeling flat
Regaining confidence and resilience

Exam confidence and focus

Kids respond really well and quickly to Kinesiology and it assists them to flourish and grow into happy, secure and confident Kids.

Happy, secure
and confident Kids